Hong Kong in the Wider Constitutional Order

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UGCP1002 Hong Kong in the Wider Constitutional Order

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Optional consultation sessions

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First Term of 2023-24: 4 September 2023 – 2 December 2023

Week Video Lecture Online Assignment


Module I:    Basic Concepts and Themes
Module II: China’s Rise: A Bicentennial Perspective
II-1.            State Capacity and Economic Development
II-2.            The Decline of Old China
Uploading date: 4/9/2023

Assignment 1
Posting period: 4/9/2023-24/9/2023
Submission deadline: 24/9/2023, 23:59




II-3.            The Rise of New China and its Global
II-4.            “The March of the Volunteers”: The Birth of the National Anthem
Module III: One Country, Two Systems: Past and Present
III-1.           The Constitution of New China
Uploading date: 25/9/2023

Assignment 1
Posting period: 25/9/2023-8/10/2023
Submission deadline: 8/10/2023, 23:59



III-2.           One Country, Two Systems: its Strategic Objectives and Core Features
III-3.           The Constitution of PRC, The Basic Law of HKSAR and “One Country, Two Systems”
Module IV: National Security in the Wider Constitutional Order
IV-1A.        Financial Security: Financial Stability of Hong Kong
Uploading date: 9/10/2023

Assignment 3
Posting period: 9/10/2023-22/10/2023
Submission deadline: 22/10/2023, 23:59



IV-1B.        Information Security: The Bigger Picture-Do You Trust Your Big Data? 
IV-2.              The Constitution and National Security
Uploading date: 23/10/2023

Assignment 4
Posting period: 23/10/2023-5/11/2023
Submission deadline: 5/11/2023, 23:59



IV-3.           Law as Safeguard: General Principles of HKNSL
IV-4.           National Security Framework Cases
Uploading date: 6/11/2023

Assignment 5
Posting period: 6/11/2023-19/11/2023
Submission deadline: 19/11/2023, 23:59






An in-person final examination will be held during the centralized course examination period.